Thursday, 30 August 2012

Slab Prep

Well just like our SS informed us the concreters were on site today. 

'Boxing up'

Waffle pods

Getting ready to lay the waffle pods

Half way there...

All pods are in place.

Ready for the concrete - hopefully tomorrow if not Saturday.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Pipes and more pipes

Just like our SS had informed us the plumbers were on site.  
Looking at the block from the road, lots of action.

Watch the retaining the wall!!!

Butlers pantry into kitchen

Ensuite and main bathroom .

 I will say that the communication from our SS during the build so far has been excellent!!              

Retaining Wall Part 2

After some final checks, the concrete truck arrived at 12:30pm.  Once all the concrete was poured it was time to start laying the blocks.  Getting them level was slightly frustrating and very time consuming - we can only hope that we got it right.

Concrete truck arrives on time!

Ready to be levelled.

Daniel and Alex working hard at getting the concrete level

Still going...

Nearly there...

Light is fading, but we are almost at the end.  Just checking those levels again.

Really happy with the Trendstone Retaining Blocks, they look great and will hopefully match the rest of the house colour scheme.
A big thank you to Alex for all of his help, we really appreciate it :)

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Bricks and Piers

I need to update my Blog faster as things are really moving along now.
Our bricks have been delivered and a phone call from our SS has informed us of the busy week ahead:
  •  Tuesday - Piers dug and filled
  • Wednesday - Plumbers
  • Thursday - Slab preparation (not sure what that involves)
  • Friday - Public Holiday
  • Saturday - Pour Slab.
Driving past the block Tuesday we see this :)
    Concrete truck filling Piers
    The Piers are situated all around the outside of the 'slab'.
    Finished product
    And of course the bricks.
    Happy days!!!

Retaining Wall Part 1

Well we spent most of our weekend at the block preparing the footings for the retaining wall.  It was hard and slow but I am sure in the end it will look good. 

Where the retaining wall will run.

Jack (our son) was a great help digging out the rock and clay.

Boxing it in.

The 'tricky' corner.  Not sure how to work the blocks around this...may have to seek advice.

Looking at the photos it looks like we didn't acheive much...but when I look at the pile of dirt and rocks in the corner, I can say we did.
Now time to organise the concrete truck before they start on the slab.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012


 Things are definitely moving along now....we have a port-a-loo onsite, temporary driveway and bright 'pink' pegs.  This weekend we will be trying to complete the retaining wall around work commitments - here's hoping the weather is also on our side:)
We have 'pegs'

Drive way and Port-a-loo (never thought we would get excited about a toilet)

More pegs

Photos of Site cut

Looking at our block from the road.

Retaining wall required...any volunteers!

Back corner again, where retaining wall will be

Looking along back fence....

Looking from far right hand corner onto our block.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

We have action

After receiving a call from our SS last week saying that they are unable to get onsite  Friday as expected, we were excited when he rescheduled again for Tuesday.
 Daniel met our SS at the block this morning and he briefly discussed how it would all proceed.  Returning to the block this afternoon we were greeted with a neatly 'cut' block.
Photos still coming.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

We have a date!!!

Finally, after weeks of waiting we have been given a start date - Friday 17th August... WooHoo!!!
Quick calculations - 17th August + 14 weeks = in before Christmas - lets just hope the weather doesn't interfere too much.