Friday, 6 July 2012

Studio M Visit

After several months of waiting...not to any fault of Metricon’s we finally received our dates for our final Tile/Colour/Electrical selections.  After multiple trips to Studio M and the Tile Studio to help make some of the choices, and many, many, trips to display homes we thought we were prepared.
Ever since we had selected to build with Metricon, we have been reading other blogs and were slightly nervous but excited about our Studio M day.
Well what a day it was…we have managed to lock in all of our selections – most of what we went with was from our pre-selections.

After reading other blogs this was the area that we were expecting to blow the budget so we had come prepared with an electrical plan.  Before this visit we had also done a little bit of research into what other Electrical companies were charging for LED down lights, fans etc,  and how easily they could be fitted after handover  if the wiring was already allocated.  From that information we made the decision that these items would be added after hand over.  We had originally added an allowance into our Contract, and surprisingly we were able to stay underneath this amount, and still getting everything we wanted. 

Studio M
What an appointment this one is, this is where everything else for the house needed to be selected. The starting point was the bricks, which we’d spent a long time debating, and had come to a decision until…we spotted that what we thought were an ‘Upgrade’ were now ‘Standard’. Well, it turned out we decided to just have a look at a couple of options, and ended up with completely different choices.  Eventually we settled on Austral Pepper - we liked the colour and texture of this brick. 

Tile Studio
We’d been to the tile studio prior to this day and had our selections chosen, written down, ready to just hand over.  With our lovely Metricon Assistant, we went through all of our selections, and again are very happy with our final decision.
During our Colour/Tile selection we learnt that it is easier to add extras and upgrades on to the pricing during this stage as it can always be taken off, but if you were to try to add anything on after these selections you will incur a $500 fee.
Kitchen Colours 
Caesar Stone Bench Tops - Night Sky
Glass Splash Back - Red Box 

Wet Area tiles
Bathroom Wall Tiles - Graphite Grey
Floor Tiles  - Quartz Gloss Grey
Feature - Mixed Grey Pebbles

Exterior Colours
Roof, Gutters and Fascia  - Monument
Bricks - Austal Pepper
Eaves - White Duck
Cladding - Mavora

The Floors
Carpet (Bedrooms) - Dark Night
Floor - Distressed Timber - Coffee Brown


  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of home building!
    Cam and I are looking forward to reading about your home as it gets built. I really like your selections. We went with grey tones in our place and I love how it has turned out! Good luck :)

    1. Thanks for your support and of course your wonderful Blog.
      It is hard to visualise the 'big' picture when selecting our colours so everyone's Blogs have been a great help.