Saturday, 12 January 2013

P.C.I update

Well as mentioned in our previous post we had our PCI appointment on the 8th January.
Overall we are happy with the build, and the house did not look like it had chicken pox.  Mainly just a few painting issues and marks left behind by 'cowboy' tradies not taking too much care with their tools etc.
One thing that has got us concerned is the gap between the garage door and brick work - this is caused by 'something' not been completely square and apparently can not be fixed - wrong answer - everything can be fixed!!!  Our SS recommended that we monitor the gap and if we find it 'too' much, and it lets water etc into the garage to make note of it in our 90 day maintenance report  (I am pretty sure he knows it will on that report).
At the end he informed us that our Handover date will be Tuesday 22nd January.
Very excited to have a date.

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