Saturday, 13 October 2012


Arriving at the house we were excited to see the windows had all been put in except  for the Alfresco stacker door, which was leaning against the frame in the garage. 

Butlers Pantry Window - 

Bathroom Window -  

Jack's Bedroom Window -  

View from the front - notice the Alfresco Stacker Doors in garage.
Walking towards the garage we noticed shattered glass all over the slab. On closer inspection we realised it was from our Alfresco Stacker Doors - obviously the reason why they were still in the garage.  Not sure what happens now - do they replace the whole lot or just the glass - we are hoping they replace the whole lot as we have noticed several scratches on the frame.  Daniel has noted where these scratches are and when they finally put the stacker doors in, I am sure he will be taking a closer look for these.

Something else we noticed on the windows: the top and bottom corners of the window frame - sliding part - has been grinded off to make them rounded.  The only thing is they are now uneven, no longer black and have sharp shards of metal on them.  Is this normal?

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