Sunday, 28 October 2012

We have reached Lock-up.

Going by the house regularly throughout the week, we are really happy with the progress that they are making. 

Monday - Just like our SS instructed the brickwork was completed and the plasterers had  also returned to continue work on the gyprocking, and cornices.

 Tuesday The eaves were started and they have begun the framework at the front of the house for the cladding.

The infills above the windows have also been put in.

Wednesday Had a quick walk through and noticed several marks on the walls where the Plaster is uneven and requires  re-sanding. 

Internal doors
The 'missing' bath spout has appeared thanks to the plumber.
A chip out of the front door.

Friday  Daniel's rant - Aleeda Construction - Head Chippie - attempted to have Daniel removed from the site as he worked on our retaining wall.  Unknown to him we have signed a disclosure allowing us access to the site at our own risk.  His problem was that Daniel did not have 'steel cap' boots on to which Daniel replied "they are in the car, would you like me to put them on?", looking around at his workers who were all quite happily working away inside with sneakers on.  Best if he concentrated on what he is getting paid to do and not what we are doing else where on the block.  Rant over!!
On the other hand the Electrician invited Daniel into the house to have a look at what they were up to, including the Garage door. 

Waterproofing has been started in the bathrooms, I have to meet the tiler on Monday to confirm all tiles before he begins to lay them.

Fit out in bedroom cupboards.  Notice bedrom doors have also been fitted. 

And finally we are locked out.
We are hoping that with the progress they are making that we may actually be in before christmas, but we will have to just wait and see.

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