Thursday, 29 November 2012

Flooboards are in!!!

Well the floorboards are definitely in, as well as the hot water system and also the solar power panel box 'thingy' in the garage. 

Might need those cleaners back...

Depending on the light, they look different

We have noticed a slight discolouration - which is visible in this photo and the first photo if you have a closer look to the left hand side.

We hope the glass splashback will brighten up the darker colours???

Hot water system - not sure about the power point, thought it may have been hard wired???

Solar Panel box 'thingy'.

Our SS rang today and said that our glass splashback has been delivered and installed. 
Can't wait to see how it looks....slightly nervous....this was Daniel's choice, so if it looks ordinary, I can blame him :)

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  1. Hey,

    We have picked the same floor: Davinci Coffee Brown for the house we're building. Would you be able to email me some current pictures?

    Thanks so so much