Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Lights on

The 'cleaners' have been through the house today.  Not sure what they consider clean, but most of the dust and paint has been removed from the floor and windows, ready for the floor boards and carpet tomorrow.
Once again they have kindly left a door unlocked for us to get a few photos. 

Butlers Pantry looking nice and shiny

Shower screens have been installed

Kitchen - without splashback - so looks very plain.

It was late afternoon when we got to the house so we were able to have a sneak peek at  the lights. 
Surprised with how much 'light' they actually put out.

Looking down the hallway towards the 'unpainted' front door - they had to replace it as the other door was damaged.

Standing outside looking in towards the kitchen.

Door handles have also been put on.

While having our self guided tours we have found a couple of things that will need to be fixed up -
  1. Bulkhead in hallway crooked
  2. Window in living area - crooked - noticeable when you try to open and close it
  3. Wrong tap handles - after the really long process of selecting everything you would like it to be right
  4. Garage door not flush
  5. Mark on garage roof - like something has fallen through it and it has been patched up
I am sure these things will be dealt with and fixed before handover, considering we are not going to be in there until next year - plenty of time!!!

On a happier note our floors will hopefully start tomorrow.
Can't wait to see how the colours mix.

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