Tuesday, 13 November 2012


The painter has been very busy this week.  He did apologise as it may take him longer to paint the house as he had to let some workers go due to losing work through a large housing company going broke (BBC Homes).

Set up in the living area.

Undercoat in main bedroom.  It is still slightly wet.

The doors have also been painted thankfully not monument as they had originally thought.
  The two doors in the middle are bedroom doors, while the door on the left is the butlers pantry slider and the one on the right is the linen cupboard door. 

Our bench top has also been installed but has been covered by all of the painters material. 
We promise we only had a quick look took a couple of photos and returned everything to the way it was :) It is a bit dusty but you can get an idea of the colours.

The gas connection.

Daniel spoke to our SS last week and asked about getting our own down lights and fans put in during the electrical fitout.  He was unsure but said he would look into it....true to his word we recieved a phonecall from the electrical company assuring us that 'yes' they are able to do that for us - for a small fee.  HOORAY, one less thing to worry about after handover.  


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