Thursday, 8 November 2012

More photos....

The tiler has finished all of the tiling etc.  Really happy with the overall look.  

Ensuite without grouting.

Ensuite with grouting completed.

Main bathroom with tiling in progress.

Tiling complete.

Bathroom feature before grout.

Grout completed.

Close up of the feature tile in the bathrooms.

The Painter also arrived at the house earlier this week. Lucky for us, Daniel was onsite as the painter wanted to confirm if we still wanted all internal doors painted 'Monument' (black).  Thankfully the painter was happy to change this 'selection' to the same colour as our achitraves.  Having a  look through all of our Studio M selections, we have no idea where that came from. 

The first layers of paint around the windows

Base coat in the bedroom and also down the hallway. 
The painter said he will be busy at the house until next week.
Will go for a drive-by over the weekend and check on the progress.

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